11 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Promoted At Work

11 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting a Promotion at Work

11 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting a Promotion at Work

You may be an intelligent worker and someone who gets work done on time but come review time you never seem to get a promotion. Here are several reasons why you may not be getting a promotion at work

11 Reasons why your Career is not Advancing

1. Bad Attitude

  • Let’s face it if you tell one person you are unhappy, then everyone will know. When a promotion is available they will want to promote someone who is upbeat about the future of the company. If you can’t motivate, you can’t lead.

2. You Arrive Late

  • When you arrive late the whole office will see you marching in. You can make the argument that you work late hours, but most people will think you don’t put in a full days effort.

3. Your boss is not leaving

  • Your boss has a good job she knows it. Even if your boss does not enjoy her job, she may not want to leave because she may have to take a pay cut to do so.

4. Surfing the Internet too Much

  • The Internet can be addicting so try and not surf at work. You can always get to work a little early and read the news before your shift.
    Remember your network administrator generates log files so they know what sites you have been on. Your manager can request these log files with a simple email.

5. You don’t make much of downtime

  • Your downtime is when you can learn a new skill or make a common task more efficient. Some of the smartest people I know simply turn to their phone to read the news and don’t utilize their downtime.

6. You don’t speak up in meetings

  • I am not a fan of meetings but some people can really shine at them. When you get a meeting request try and review the topic before hand. It will help you contribute intelligent thoughts and ideas.

7. You don’t have goals

  • Write down your long term goals now, if you have not done this already. Then write down how you are going to get there with short term daily activities (short term goals). Set milestones or baselines with medium term goals.

8. You Talk too much

  • Ever ask someone a simple question and end up talking to that person for over an hour. Try and keep you conversations work related.

9. You are too comfortable in your current position

  • You are given an impossible task and you complete it with ease. Suddenly the impossible is no longer difficult. Don’t get too comfortable as you are no longer growing.

10. You are not networking

  • Networking is much easier now with the internet, but it involves much more work than creating a simple LinkedIn profile. At the very least join LinkedIn groups and actively participate. You will make connections and perhaps impress a hiring manager.
  • Also, consider writing a blog and writing about trends in your industry. By writing you are researching and learning in addition to promoting your work at the same time. Use twitter to promote your work and the work of others in your field.
  • Consider going to trade shows and conferences in your field. Meetup.com is a great way to find people who meet up and discuss just anything.

11. You dress to casual

  • If you look good you will feel good. Dressing well will also help you build confidence.

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