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Apple Interview Questions

Apple Interview Questions

So you applied at Apple and got invited to an Apple hiring event. Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to successfully answer frequently asked Apple Interview Questions.

Apple Store Interview Questions

The Apple Interview Process usually involves getting invited to the Apple hiring event which involves a group interview.   We will start with the group interview followed by general Apple Interview Questions, Apple telephone interview advice, Apple interview tips, and what to wear at an Apple interview.

Apple Group Interview

Note at a group interview a moderator is taking notes so make sure you participate in the questions. If the moderator likes what you are saying they will ask you for a second interview.

How would you deal with an irate customer?

  • The most important step is to listen to the customer and sympathize with their issue. Tell them you understand their frustration and that their time is valuable. Then, reassure the irate customer that you will do your best to fix the problem and if you can’t solve it you will escalate the problem to find the best possible solution.

What would you do if the customer came in and their iPhone didn’t work?

  • Make sure the battery life on the phone is adequate.
  • Reboot or restart the phone.
  • Recommending updating their software.

Name three accessibility features on the iPhone?

  • Several accessibility features on the iPhone are voiceover, hearing aids, software TTY, reading support, and switch control

How many Apple products do you own?

  • Hopefully, you own several as it will help you answer questions they may ask you about Apple products.

What is your best customer service experience you have had at Apple?

  • This question is personal but for me, there is always plenty of staff available to help in a friendly manner. Also, Apple was the first to have receipts emailed to me rather than printed – I hate paper receipts :)

Other Apple Interview Questions

What can you tell us about Apple?

  • Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.
  • Apple hardware products include Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple SmartWatch, and Apple TV.
  • Their software products include MacOS and iOS operating systems.
  • Their media player is called iTunes.
  • Their browser is called Safari.
  • The iCloud is where users can store their document in the cloud (similar to dropbox).

Why should we hire you?

For this question, you want to reread the job description and find key skills they are looking for and reassure the interviewer you have those skills. For example, the Apple Specialist job description says

  • Strong communication skills that let you converse as freely and comfortably with small groups as with individual customers (skill required: communication)
  • You have strong people skills-you’re approachable, a good listener, and empathetic (skill required: people skills and listening skills)
  • You’re passionate about Apple and eager to share that passion with others. (skill required: knowledgeable and passionate)
  • You’re willing to learn and embrace the guidelines behind Apples unique style of service (skill required: quick learner).

So when asked why should I hire you, say

  • I have excellent communication skills and will interact well with the customer.
  • I am a good listener which will allow me to understand the customer’s needs.
  • I am passionate about the products Apple produces and will be able to share my knowledge with customers.
  • I am a quick learner and will not struggle with new technology.

What hours can you work?

  • This question really only applies if you are working at an Apple Store but you need to be flexible with your hours.

Why do you want to work for Apple?

  • With Apple being the most valuable company in the world mention you feel you could learn a lot about cutting edge technology.
  • If you are applying to a position of Apple Specialist state you love technology and helping others learn about technology.
  • State you love their products and the service you get at Apple and because you would be proud to represent them (be ready for a follow-up question such as what is your favorite product).
  • Say you love technology and with Apple being a leader in computers and smartphones you would are excited to bring those products to the public.
  • State you admire a company that raises funds for fighting HIV and AIDS. Apple offers (Product) Red and offers a percent of their profits which helps the (RED) charity.

Apple Phone Interview Questions

Study the questions above and follow the pointers below.

  • Close your door and turn off your TV or any other noises in your home.
  • Make sure your room is clean as perhaps there is a video conference interview.
  • Have a cheat sheet ready with questions you want to ask at the end of the interview.

Questions to ask on an Apple Interview

  • What type of advancement can your top employees receive?
  • What do you like best about working at Apple?
  • If I were to start tomorrow what would be my top priority?

Apple Interview Tips

  • Arrive 10 minutes early and remember not to arrive too early.
  • Turn off your phone. It would look unprofessional to have your phone ringing during the interview.
  • Learn their latest product lines.
  • Bring three copies of your resume.
  • Don’t speak too fast as you will sound nervous and don’t speak too slow as you will speak boring.
  • Make sure you speak up at an Apple Hiring Event as the moderator is taking notes and you want to make the cut.
  • It is also important to review what not to say such as can I bring my child to work.

Apple Interview Attire

  • If you are applying as an Apple Specialist dress business casually. If you are applying for a job that is management then dress formally.

Good luck on your interview and I hope these Apple Interview Questions land you a job at the world greatest company.

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