Applebee’s Server Interview Questions

The job description states an Applebee’s server communicates with guests to serve food and drinks while maintaining an upbeat atmosphere.  A server also relays orders to the bar and kitchen.  Here you will find frequently asked Applebee’s Server Interview Questions and Answers.

Applebee's Server Interview Questions

Applebee’s Server Interview Questions

Server Interview Questions at Applebees

Tell us about your previous work experience?

  • They will definitely ask about your previous work experience at your Applebee’s Server Interview. Talk about any experience you have working with customers, serving food and drinks, using a point of sale system, and finally setting and busing tables.

Why do you want to be a Server at Applebee’s?

  • Say you are a people person and love making customers happy.
  • Say you enjoy the product and service you get at Applebee’s, and say why it is better than other competitors in your area.

Why should we hire you?

Have a second read of the job description and find key skills they are looking for and try to convince the interviewer that you have these skills. Below are the skills I found after reviewing the job description:

  • Interacts verbally with all guests creating a friendly and upbeat atmosphere (skill required: communication)
  • To serve food, drinks, and to accommodate guests’ needs in a courteous and timely manner (skill required: works well under pressure)
  • Relays orders to service bar and kitchen via the point-of-sale computerized register system. (skill required: quick learner)

So when asked why should they hire you as their server say

  • I have excellent communication skills and will always greet the customer in a friendly manner.
  • I work well under pressure which will allow me to serve guests in a kind and courteous manner.
  • I am a quick learner and will learn the point of sale system and menu items quickly.

How would you deal with an upset customer?

  • I would find out what is wrong with the customer. If it was an item that was unsatisfactory I would offer to replace it.
  • If they feel they were waiting too long for their meal I would apologize.
  • The ultimate goal is to make sure the customer leaves happy because if they leave unhappy they will not come back and even worse they may tell others not to come.

Questions to ask on an Applebee’s Server Interview

  • What type of promotion can top performing servers receive?
  • What are some traits of great servers you have worked with in the past?


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