Mosaic Homes Employee Reviews

Mosaic Homes Employee ReviewIf you are currently interested in working for Mosaic Homes, please think carefully before wasting your time. Although this company may seem progressive and impressive at first, don't let the shiny facade fool you. If you are over 30, down to earth, serious about your career or like to keep your social life and work separate this is not the right environment for you. Working at Mosaic Homes is like taking a trip back to the high school years you had long forgotten. Expect to work with a bunch of uptight, entitled millennials that all hang out together, gossip, eat together and don't have much of a sense of humor. Socializing coffees are mandatory and you will be expected to go on as many as possible, which not only makes training awkward, but if you enjoy any type of boundaries at work, you will not have any. This is expected to fit into *the Mosaic culture*. This is a snobbish, arrogant company, and prides itself on employing young, snobby overachievers, but with a serious lack of real life experience, sense of humour, or personality- the type of individuals that follow the crowd. Conclusion... Mosaic Homes is a high school, not a career.
-Vancouver, BC

Employee Review: Total Mechanical Services

Total Mechanical Services Employee ReviewWages can be decent but it's a sinking ship. They don't care enough to solve issues in the office to retain customers. Shipping parts to wrong address and not next day as customer request and dispatch errors. Wages can be great but they don't have a customer base good enough to keep a good tech busy and not interested in actually growing the company or customer base.
-Troy, MI