Top Entry Level Employers of 2015

Top Entry Level Employers of 2015

Top Entry Level Employers of 2015

Welcome to the Top 100 Entry Level Employers list of 2015.  Although there are many top employment lists, few are available for entry level positions.  Even fewer lists take into consideration what employees say about the company, customers’ opinions on the company, and what investment analysts say about growth.  Taking this into consideration, this ranking has been formulated using 3 factors.  These factors are:

1. Employee Reviews

  • The ratings in this category are based on reviews given by current and former employees on and

2. Analyst Ratings

  • The analyst rankings are based on ratings from (buy, sell, or hold).  Many companies on the list are publicly traded.  If analysts like the stock, then odds are that the company is growing (investors love future growth).  If the company is growing, there is potential for career growth.

3. Customer Satisfaction

  • The ranking also takes into consideration customer satisfaction. If a customer is satisfied with the product then odds are you are learning valuable customer service skills.  In this compilation customer satisfaction is measured using The Yelp score is compiled by taking the largest sample of four major U.S. cities.  The average was calculated and used for all reviews.

How the ranking was determined

  • The ranking weights are broken down as follows: The employee reviews based on scores from and were given a weight of 40% each.  MarketWatch and Yelp represent 10% respectively.

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