Baton Rouge Interview

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Baton Rouge Interview Questions

Baton Rouge Interview Questions

Congratulations on getting a Baton Rouge Interview.

We all know interviews are stressful and competition is intense.

However, with a small amount of preparation you can ace the Baton Rouge Job Interview.

Here we will discuss how to successfully answer Baton Rouge Interview Questions.

Baton Rouge Interview Questions

1) What can you tell us about Baton Rouge?

  • Baton Rouge was founded in Laval Quebec in 1992.
  • Baton Rouge exists in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Baton Rouge is famous for steak and ribs.
  • Baton Rouge is owned by Imvescor Restaurant Group.
  • They have a gluten-free and a kids menu.

2) Why do you want to work at Baton Rouge?

  • State you always get great service and great food and because of this, you would be proud to represent them.
  • State your favorite item on the menu at Baton Rouge reiterating what a great product Baton Rouge represents.

3) Why should I hire you?

  • I enjoy working with customers.
  • I am a hard worker.
  • State any restaurant work experience you have.
  • State any customer services experience you have.
  • State you are a people person.
  • Tell them you work well as a team or as an individual.

4) What hours can you work?

  • It is in your best interest to be as flexible as possible so it will be your best interest to say yes. The hours of operation at most Baton Rouge Restaurants are around 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.

5) How would you deal with an upset customer?

  • Say you believe in the customer is always right philosophy and will try your best to make him or her happy.  For example, if the customer had an issue with an item they ordered I would offer to replace it.

6) Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • If you are passionate about food why not tell them you are interested in becoming a chef.  If interested in business tell them perhaps you could open a franchise one day.  You can always scan the Baton Rouge website for other jobs that you may set as long term goals.

7) What is your greatest weakness?  

You want to answer this question in a way your greatest weakness does not cost you the job.

  • Say you are a workaholic and neglect your friends and family or
  • When you get caught up in your work you don’t take enough personal time for yourself.

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