Behavioral Interview Questions

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Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral Interview Questions are basically questions about how you handled difficult situations at work. These questions are designed to see how you reacted in the past, as your past performance is a strong indicator of how you will behave in the future. Be sure to prepare the following behavioral interview questions below and you will do great on your next interview

Situational Interview Questions

Name a time when you had a conflict with a co-worker and how did you resolve it?

  • It is only normal to have conflicts at work from time to time but don’t discuss negative conflicts. For example, don’t mention how you would argue with your boss for being late. Make the conflict about something positive. Suppose you were having conflicts on the best ways to improve customer satisfaction or perhaps had a difference with a co-worker on how to optimize a process. Make sure you end your example on a positive note and explain how it was resolved.

Give an example of when you motivated others in your last job?

Motivation is key to any business and if you can motivate others you will be a great asset to the organization you are applying for.

  • Personally, I always believed that a simple thank you goes a long way. When someone performs a task or helps me out I usually thank them but I also tell their boss what a great job they did — I find this really motivates employees.
  • You can always state you don’t believe money is a great motivator and a pat on the back can do wonders.

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What was your greatest accomplishment in your last job? 

There should be very little hesitation when you answer this question. If you didn’t do something great in your last job it is probably because you don’t care. But interview can be nerve-racking and it is quite possible you can draw a blank stare for this question. Below are some examples I came up with:

  • Perhaps you saved your last/current company money or
  • Perhaps you improved the quality of your work and the work of others,
  • Perhaps you helped out a co-worker out personally and they were able to continue their work.

Name a time when you went out of your way for a customer?

Remember the customer is always right and if the customer is not happy a company cannot survive but if you go out of your way to a customer they will tell others and the business will flourish. I remember one restaurant I worked for we would give tours of the kitchen to children to give the parents that 10-minute break and the parents would always be grateful. Another example I remember is if we didn’t have an item on the menu we would go to the neighboring restaurant and see if we could get t for them. I have a friend who monitors facebook comments and escalates complaints to various departments if a customer is unsatisfied. He even does this on his days off because he cares.

Tell us about your previous experience on how you dealt with a difficult customer or client?

Every business has difficult customers and it is important to keep them happy. The best example I can think of in my experience is when I worked at pizza restaurant a and when a customer would complain, my manager would personally drive to the home of the unsatisfied customer and apologize. The customer would receive a free gift certificate to come back and we would spoil them rotten as my manager was worried what word of mouth would do.

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