Boston Pizza Salaries

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Boston Pizza Salaries

Boston Pizza Salaries

Below you will find Boston Pizza Salaries.  Note that managers salaries are posted yearly and other salaries are given an hourly rate. If you worked for Boston Pizza in the past and you would like to post your salary please comment below.

Boston Pizza Wages

Boston Pizza Host/Hostess Salaries

LocationPer Hour
Whitehorse, YT$12.00

Boston Pizza Dishwasher Salaries

LocationPer Hour
Edson, AB$14.00 - $15.00

Boston Pizza Cook Salaries

LocationPer Hour
$11.00 - $12.00
Drumheller, AB$13.00
High River, AB$13.00
St. Paul, AB$11.20
Fort McMurray, AB$14.00
Stettler, AB$11.00
Brooks, AB$10.25
Medicine Hat, AB$10.25
Calgary, AB$13.5
Edmonton, AB$14.00
Wetaskiwin, AB$14.00
Westlock, AB$14.20
Vancouver, BC$14.00
Slave Lake, AB$14.20
Leduc, AB$14.00

Boston Pizza Server Salaries

LocationPer Hour
Stettler, AB$10.00
St. Paul, AB$11.00
Slave Lake, AB$10.50
Fredricton, NB$10.30

Boston Pizza Assistant Manager Salaries

LocationPer Hour
Edson, AB $13.00 - $15.00

Boston Pizza Delivery Driver Salaries

LocationPer Hour
Ajax, ON$11.00
Edmonton, AB$18.00

Food Service Supervisor 

LocationPer Hour
Calgary, AB$13.56
Hinton, AB$14.00 - $17.00

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