Total Mechanical Services Employee Review

Total Mechanical Services Employee ReviewWages can be decent but it's a sinking ship. They don't care enough to solve issues in the office to retain customers. Shipping parts to wrong address and not next day as customer request and dispatch errors. Wages can be great but they don't have a customer base good enough to keep a good tech busy and not interested in actually growing the company or customer base.
-Troy, MI

Liquor Depot Employee Review

Used to be a good company until after 2012 when a new boss took over, treated some of us like we were 5yr Olds and was poorly organized as well as computer illiterate. Customers get top priority over employees and don't expect this company to protect you for an irate blowhard of a customer because Liquor Depot believes the delusional saying of "The customer is always right." Well, that could not be further from the truth. After 9yrs of employment and abruptly resigning due to the increasing incompetence of my boss, either he or the District Manager filed a slanderous blacklist report thus telling other Liquor Depots not to hire me. The report said that I refused to work evenings when in reality 98% of my shifts I worked, during my tenure with Liquor Depot, were from 5pm to 11pm. The other 2% of the shifts I worked were Day Shifts from 11am or 12pm to 5pm. So a bogus report was given to Head Office in which Head Office refuses to change, so I have a case for a lawsuit should I proceed against this company. Incidentally, another employee was also blacklisted from the same store.
-Sherwood Park, AB