Epicenter Employee Reviews

It was a lot of promises that did not come through. New sports center with arcade plus. We were promised free play, discounted access and 50% off restaurants/ food except Starbucks 25% off. They have taken away our free games from free style games, never gave us access to video games and taken away our discounts on restraunt restricted us to a small "employee" menu. Expects us to go above and beyond for service while taking away employee perks

Raw Materials Company Employee Review

If I could give a zero star rating I would! This is a family owned and operated company that also includes IMS and a Scrapyard. Unfortunately, this company is plagued with management problems, no one there seems to know how to treat people properly and there is a huge issue with harassment and bullying from manager/supervisors to their employees. One of the owners has even punched an employee in the past. Do yourself a favour and don't work there, you will loose your sanity and self esteem in the process if you do.

-Port Colborne, ON