Fallsview Indoor Water Park Employee Review

They treat employees like shit!! We work in 85-degree temperatures.HR Managers refuse to address the issues properly. They have ridiculous policies. The HR hired me to clean the water park, I did a really good job according to my managers. Then HR says that because I worked at the Sheraton in housekeeping and left to provide palliative care for my grandmother that I am not eligible to work at the water park. How much sense does that make??
-Niagara Falls, ON

EDF Energy Employee Review

The levels of stress staff are submitted to on a daily basis doesn't justify the the staff benefits and it feels like the only thing keeping the business together is the good will of the staff. For the first time in over a decade I find that should my employment with EDF continue then this will go against my moral Campus as it seems to be treating its customers as bad as its staff.
Don't bother looking for employment with EDF if the following apply to you:
You are over 55
You have a disability that impacts your health.
You need to work term time in order to provide child care.
You expect to be treated fairly.
London, UK