Employee Review at East Side Mario’s

4-Star Fast paced environment. If you can work at a busy East Side Marios restaurant like this one, you can work in any restaurant.

Show up ontime and ready to go. It's a lot of fun working with people who like having fun while serving customers.

It was also great to have customers come back and ask for you to specifically serve them. - Oshawa, ON

Bayshore Home Health Employee Review

I cannot say I made a living wage under Bayshore home healthy management practices I felt I was supporting or subsidizing their policy.
I could not afford to work for them when week after week hours that were verbally promised to me by the frontline people ultimately never became a reality.
It was a horrible experience having to contact them everyday to hear what my work load was and how far they would be sending me.
They don't care if it's snowing or raining or dark out at night, they don't care if you are being sent into high crime areas. If you dare to report it, hours will suddenly disappear from your schedule because you have put 'restrictions' on your self.
Really? I need to ask for fair, safe work practices ...on a daily basis?!
Well, I DID!
I'm tired of fighting this big machine of a company and leaving it.
My only hope is to shine some kind of light on what they are calling fair and competitive practises so you won't get sucked into a work place that was disrespectful and manipulative and unable to pay for much other than the basics of living here.
I can not say Bayshore home health is a good company to work for as it is currently.