Bayshore Home Health Employee Review

I cannot say I made a living wage under Bayshore home healthy management practices I felt I was supporting or subsidizing their policy.
I could not afford to work for them when week after week hours that were verbally promised to me by the frontline people ultimately never became a reality.
It was a horrible experience having to contact them everyday to hear what my work load was and how far they would be sending me.
They don't care if it's snowing or raining or dark out at night, they don't care if you are being sent into high crime areas. If you dare to report it, hours will suddenly disappear from your schedule because you have put 'restrictions' on your self.
Really? I need to ask for fair, safe work practices ...on a daily basis?!
Well, I DID!
I'm tired of fighting this big machine of a company and leaving it.
My only hope is to shine some kind of light on what they are calling fair and competitive practises so you won't get sucked into a work place that was disrespectful and manipulative and unable to pay for much other than the basics of living here.
I can not say Bayshore home health is a good company to work for as it is currently.
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Advantage Sales and Marketing Employee Reviews

This is a horrible company to work with.. They offered me 30 hours a week with 10.55 per hour, which isn't bad I was actually excited for this job. Instead I was getting 4 hours a week. I was suppose to be a third party for Best Buy doing resets. The only time I went to Best Buy was to update the nooks and kindles, which they were already update. I always was trained to do the MillStone coffee, which they took out and replaced it with a different coffee brand. So I was pretty much out of a job at that point. I was pretty much getting gas money every two weeks with the size of my checks. This type of job is for someone who is just looking to make a tiny bit of extra cash, not to make a living on.
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Kreative Employee Reviews

They have tremendous vision and product. However, their "training" program isn't very thorough. They don't tell the employees how the computer work in a thorough way. If you assert your rights, then one manager with Polish ancestry will retaliate and terminate you. The stress over there is borderline unhealthy.
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Nile Academy Employee Review

I worked at Nile Academy
Pros – It was Easy to get hired, and the accoladesd they present fools you into thinking that it is a good school.
Cons – This company does not provide good opportunity for children, They do not pay a fair salary after having promised a higher salary, they said that if I did not like the wage I could leave. Educational standards are low and the attitude is lax.No benefits. Pay does not arrive on time or cannot cash cheque for a few days.
Advice to Senior Management – To implement proper procedures and rules for staff and children., Provide quality professional advancement and work on an evidance based model.
No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company
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