Restaurant Interview Questions

Restaurant Interview Questions

Restaurant Interview Questions

Congratulations on getting an interview at a restaurant. There are common interview questions you must know regardless if you are interviewing for a server, cook, or hostess position.  Also, it is no secret that restaurants are a busy place to work so make sure you appear energetic. Finally, communication is key so do not speak to fast as you will sound nervous.  Below are frequently asked Restaurant Interview Questions and Answers. Continue reading

Quality Assurance Interview Questions

Quality Assurance Interview Questions

Quality Assurance Interview Questions

What is Black Box Testing?

  • Black box testing is testing the business requirements, and not testing code. Basically testing from an end users perspective.

What is White Box Testing? 

  • Testing the actual source code of the software.

What is Regression Testing?

  • Regression testing is testing existing functionality that has not changed. It is possible when introducing new features on an application existing features can break therefore everything must be tested.

What is Acceptance Testing?

  • To make sure the user accepts the functionality of the software update or future release. This is also known as user acceptance testing.

What is Smoke Testing?

  • Basically when software is released one can do a quick test to make sure the basic features of the software is operational. If it is operational then keep testing otherwise don’t.

What is Benchmark Testing?

  • Benchmark testing is between the application developers and database administrators to improve the performance of the application. Suppose you have a search engine and the interface is written in VB.NET. The developers simply pass the parameters into the stored procedure and the sproc returns the results. If the stored procedure takes too much time the dba will examine the sproc and rewrite parts of the stored procedure to achieve optimal performance.

What is Negative Testing?

  • The system does not crash when given unexpected input. Assume you have a form that asks for personal details such as first name, last name, age etc. Suppose the age field only accepts numerical values. What happens when the user enters a string of characters. Suppose the user enters their age as “fifty-five”. Does the system crash or is the error handled correctly.

What is Agile Testing?

  • Once a component is completed by the developer the tester tests the component.  Once the second component has completed development the tester test the second component.  This cycle continues until all components work.

What is UAT Testing?

  • UAT stands for User Acceptance Testing.  Basically when a new feature is released the new feature must be demonstrated and tested by the user.  If the user is satisfied then the feature has passed UAT testing.