Aviation Interview Questions

Aviation Interview

Aviation Interview

Congratulations on getting an interview.  Review potential aviation interview questions and answers.

How did you get into flying?

Talk about what inspired you to become a pilot.

What is the crosswind limit on the Seneca?

17 kts demonstrated

Why are the fuel gauges read in KG, yet the fuel is delivered in litres?

A measure of mass, liters equals Kg divided by 0.8 (value of specific gravity).

If you have a fire from the engine in the warrior, what do you do?

Retain control, throttle close, mix ico, fuel pump off, electrical loads off.

What is the Vmca speed in the Seneca?

68kts. This is the speed at which directional control can be maintained in the event of an engine failure in the air.

What’s the radio frequency for an NDB?
200-1750kHz range (medium and low-frequency bands) Continue reading