ITIL Interview Questions and Answers

ITIL Interview Questions

ITIL Interview Questions

What is ITIL?
ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

What is incident management?
These are issues that are resolved by the service desk. Issues included items such as password reset, questions on how the system works, and requests for batch jobs to be run etc.

What is Problem Management?

Problem management takes the time to identify what the problem is and fix the problem permanently. Once the root cause has been identified it becomes a known error, and a request for change is made. Incident management aims to fix the issue and quickly get the users back on track but may not identify the root cause and fix the problem permanently.

What is Configuration Management?
Configuration Management is basically keeping a list or inventory of all the companies hardware and software. Think of a huge organization that has thousands of computers, software, and mobile devices. Someone needs to manage this and keep an inventory of the companies IT resources.

What is Change Management?
Change management aims to manage the process of change and hopefully limit problems related to changes. Change begins with a request for change (RFC). The change manager will then review the change and approve it. If the change is significant the change will be brought to a change advisory board that meets on a regular basis. Continue reading