McDonald’s Shift Manager Interview Questions

McDonald's Shift Manager Interview

McDonald’s Shift Manager Interview

Why do you want to be a shift manager?

  • I am looking for a challenging career. I feel I will excel in this role because I am a good motivator and communicator.
  • I enjoy coaching and mentoring others.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • This question tries to determine if you are a good fit for McDonald’s. If you say something related to the restaurant industry (perhaps general manager) you will sound like a good fit for the job.
  • Tip!!! Why not take a look at McDonald’s career website and find a job you can see yourself doing in five years. This will show you are committed and they will be willing to spend time training you.

Why should I hire you?

You need to reread the shift manager job description and find skills they are looking for and match those skills to your own.  The skills I found include leadership, accountability, and attention to detail.  So when asked why should I hire you state:

  • I have great leadership skills and I am good at coaching and mentoring others.
  • I am accountable and will take responsibility not only for myself but for others.
  • I provide great attention to detail and will ensure all of McDonald’s standards are met. Continue reading