On The Border Mexican Grill Cook Interview

Below you will find commonly asked On the Border Mexican Grill Cook Interview Questions

Tell us about your previous work experience?

Remember to focus on related work experience as the job description states they are looking for people with

  • Food preparation with knife handling skills.
  • Ability to prepare menu items by following recipes.
  • Physically fit and can stand for long periods of time.

Why do you want to be a team member?

  • State you would like a job that keeps you active, and you like to cook, so you feel a job as a team member will provide just that!

Why should I hire you?

What you need to do is read the job description and find key skills they are looking for and match those skills to your own. Below are points taken from the job description highlighting skills they are looking for

  • Prepare high-quality food to On The Border specifications (skill required: attention to detail)
  • Communicate cook times, potential issues with managers and team members (skill required: teamwork)
  • Detailed knowledge of the menu, including all seasonal/promotional items (skill required: quick learner)
  • Able to effectively communicate with other team members and managers (skill required: communication)

A possible answer to why should I hire you is

  • I pay great attention to detail and will always prepare high-quality food to On the Border specifications.
  • I am a team player, and will work well with other team members.
  • I am a quick learner, and will not have issue learning the menu items and seasonal promotions
  • I communicate well which help when working with other team members.

Do you have any questions for us?

  • Are there any concerns you have about my résumé? (If he mentions a concern then counter)
  • What are traits of top performing team members?

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