Claire’s Interview

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Claire's Interview Questions

Claire’s Interview Questions

Congratulations on getting a Claire’s Interview.

We all know interviews are stressful and competition is intense.

However, with a small amount of preparation you can ace the Claire’s Interview.

Here we will discuss how to successfully answer Claire’s Interview Questions.

Claire’s Interview Questions

1) Tell us about yourself?

  • Talk about your hobbies, previous work experience, and education. Keep your explanation brief and to the point.

2) Tell us about your previous work history?

  • Everyone wants experienced employees. You must ask yourself
    what experience does Clair’s want? More than likely they will be looking for people who have worked in retail and worked with customers. They will want someone who has cashier experience.
  • If you do not have any experience say you have been focusing on school and now you want to prove yourself in the work world.

3) What can you tell us about Claire’s?

  • Claire’s started in 1961 and is a retailer of jewelry and accessories to girls and young women.
  • They provide ear piercing.
  • Claire’s is in over 34 countries.
  • The head office is in Hoffman Estates Illinois.

4) Why do you want to work for Claire’s?

  • Say you love the product and the service you get and would be proud to work for them.
  • Say you like working in fashion and you are a good communicator so you feel you will do well if offered this role.
  • You can also state you like to work in a fast paced environment and a job that keeps you active.

5) What is your greatest strength?

  • I am a quick learner (this is a great answer because they will have to spend less time training you)
  • I work well under pressure (this is a great answer because Claire’s have their rush hour and you need to stay focused during this time)

6) What is your greatest weakness?

You want to answer this question in a way your greatest weakness does not impact your ability to work at Claire’s. Say something like:

  • I am a workaholic and I neglect my friends and family or
  • When I get caught up in my schooling or work I don’t take enough personal time for myself.

7) How would you deal with an upset customer?

  • I would find out what is wrong with the customer. If it was the product I would offer to replace it (mention you would check with your manager first) it is important to keep the customer happy as an unhappy customer will never return.

8) How long would you expect to work here if hired?

  • Tell them as long as you continue as grow your career you will stay.
  • If you are working to pay for college and you have more than a few months left say you want to work at Claire’s until you finish your studies.

9) Where do you see yourself in five years?

This question is designed to see if you have goals but, more importantly, to see if you are a good fit for Claire’s.

  • If you say you want a career in retail management or fashion you will sound like you are in line with Claire’s business objectives.
  • If going to college or university state what you would like to be doing after you finish.

10) Why should I hire you?

  • I work hard, I am a quick learner, and I am punctual.

Questions to ask on a Claire’s Interview?

Every set of Claire’s Interview Questions will end with you asking questions.  You need to be prepared. Below are some sample questions you can ask.

  • What do you like best about working for Claire’s?
  • What kind of training will I receive?
  • What type of advancement can your top employees receive?

Claire’s Interview Outfit

  • Dress business casually as they are quite informal at Claire’s.

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