El Pollo Loco Cashier Interview Questions

El Pollo Loco Cashier Interview Questions

El Pollo Loco Cashier Interview Questions

Tell us about your previous work history?

This job will require you work with customers, use a point of sales system, and work within a team.   Try and relate your previous work experience to what they require.

If this is your first job tell them you have been focusing on school and now you are anxious to prove yourself in the workforce.

Why do you want to be a cashier?

  • State you love working with people.
  • State you love working as a team.
  • State you are a quick learner and will not have any issue learning the point of sale system.

Why should I hire you?

For this question, you need to reread the job description and find key skills they are looking for. After rereading the job description here is what I found.

  • Do you love to smile and provide great customer service?
  • You may be asked to run the drive-thru station and work with a team to deliver fast and efficient service.

So when asked why should I hire you state:

  • I have great customer service skills and will always make the customers feel welcome.
  • I work with great and attention to detail and work well under pressure (all restaurants have their rush hour).
  • I work well as a team member and will not have any issues working with the kitchen staff.

What would you do if you saw someone taking money out of the cash register?

  • I would tell my manager. It is important El Pollo Loco makes a profit.

Do you have any questions for us?

  • What type of training will I receive?
  • What hours will I work?

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