Fatburger Interview

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Fatburger Interview Questions

Fatburger Interview Questions

Congratulations on getting a Fatburger Interview.

We can all agree interviews are stressful and competition is intense.

However, with a small amount of preparation you can ace the Fatburger Job Interview.

Here we will discuss how to successfully answer Fatburger Interview Questions. 

Fatburger Interview Questions

1) What can you tell us about Fatburger?

  • They first opened in 1952.
  • The burgers are made to order.
  • The burgers are served with fresh lean beef and not cooked from frozen patties.
  • In addition, to hamburgers, they serve chicken sandwiches, turkey burger, veggie burger, hot dogs, chili dogs, salads (fat salad), and chicken strips.
  • Their burgers come in small, medium, large, XXL, and XXXL.
  • Their flavors of shakes include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Maui banana, and cookies & ice cream.
  • Customers can order online.
  • Their slogan is, “The last great hamburger stand”.
  • They are also located in Asia, Middle East, and Canada.
  • Fatburger recently opened in London England.
  • Customers can purchase Fatburger gift cards.

2) Who is the CEO at Fatburger? 

  • The CEO is Andy Wiederhorn.

3) Who are Fatburgers competitors? 

  • Some of Fatburgers competitors are Shake Shack, IN-N-OUT Burger.  Note have a look at competition in your area and find other alternatives that offer high-quality burgers.

4) Why should Fatburger hire you?

Most Fatburger Interview Questions will ask why should I hire you.  Remember you will be working in a restaurant so below are the skills will be looking for:

  • You work well under pressure.
  • You are a team player.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You pay great attention to detail.
  • You have great listening skills.

5) Why do you want to work for Fatburger?

  • Talk about how you love the product.  For example, you can mention how you love the thick cut fries and can even get a fried egg as a topping.

6) Where do you see yourself in two years?

  • If going to college say what you plan on doing when you finish.
  • This is classified as a common interview question, so be sure to review these questions also.

7) How would you define excellent customer service?

  • Food is made to order and is always fresh.
  • The customer is never waiting long in the restaurant or in the drive thru.
  • The restaurant is clean including the outside and the toilets.
  • The customer is treated in a friendly manner

8) Questions to ask on a Fatburger Interview?

  • Jessica Phipps of people to people says people love to talk about themselves so ask the interviewer these questions.
  • What is the most important quality you look for in an employee?
  • What do you like best about working here?

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