Five Habits Successful People Do Every Day

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Five Habits Successful People do Everyday

Five Habits Successful People do Everyday

Robert Collier once said success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. What exactly are the small efforts repeated by successful people? How do I incorporate these habits into my daily life? Below are five habits successful individuals do every day.

Five Simple Habits Successful People do Every Day

1# Get up early

Arriving to work early does more than impress your boss, it will allow you to get your work done without distraction. I remember watching a TED video that asked people where they felt there were most productive. Hardly anybody said the office. But when you arrive at the office early, there will be minimal interruptions. In the morning your mind is fresh and you can focus and complete your daily tasks. Check these successful executives who wake up early if you need proof this habit is effective.

#2 Exercising 

This should be a no brainier but exercising has many advantages. The Mayo Clinic lists these advantages as controls weight, improves mood, combats disease, boosts energy, and improves longevity. Improving your mood and boosting energy will really help you excel in your job.  In fact, in the 17 CEO’s surveyed on only one of them admitted not to exercising.

#3 Downtime

Work is stressful. If you are constantly stressed you will lose your creative thoughts. Work demands innovation. There will be times when you feel stressed and you need to distress, which means you need a hobby. If your hobbies involve exercise then you can knock off #2 on this list. Check out these strange hobbies of these successful CEO’s.

#4 Motivate

Zig Ziglar said, “people often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”.

A few years back I was offered to manage the IT department of a company we had just acquired.  I was overwhelmed with my new role and I had a meeting with the CIO. The CIO was a very positive individual and easy to talk to. He sympathized with me. Then I asked how were things going on his end. He said, “I have lots of problems – growing problems.  I love it because when I talk to other CIOs in the industry they say they have large layoffs”. Immediately I was grateful for this position that was offered to me. He was someone who had a much bigger role than I did and he was able to maintain a positive attitude through challenging times.  I really learned a lot from this CIO and looked up to him.

Try and say one positive thing about the company or individuals you work with every day.  People will want to work with you as you are a breath of fresh air.  Negative people are not going to get promotions.

#5 Short Term Goals

In order to achieve your goals, writing them down is a very important step.  First write your long term goals down on a piece of paper.  Second, break those goals into manageable tasks called medium term goals. Think of your medium term goals as milestones that you should achieve on a monthly basis.  Finally, what can you do every day to meet those medium terms goals are your short term goals.

In 1979, a graduating class in Harvard was asked if they had clearly written down their goals.  Only 3% of students had clear written goals, 13% had a general idea of their goals, and 84% had no goals at all.  Ten years later they sampled the salaries of these students. The results were astonishing.  Of that 13% who had a general idea of their goals were earning on average twice much as the 84%.  What is even more astonishing is the 3% were earning on average 10 times as much as the other 97% put together.


If you develop these simple habits of getting up early, exercising, downtime, motivation, and setting your short term goals on a daily basis you will excel in your career.


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