How to use Facebook to Find a Job

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How to land that Summer Job using facebook

How to land that Summer Job using facebook

Summer is coming up and you need to find a job, and fast. You have applied everywhere with no luck.

You may be surprised to learn that facebook is an excellent tool to help land you a summer job. With unflattering photos and negative comments, you may have posted, most of us think facebook and employment don’t mix.  The reality is facebook is a great tool to find you work.

While Google remains king of search, facebook search is definitely underrated. By using facebook search, you can see if you know anyone who works at a particular company.  You can also search and see if you have any mutual friends who work at that company.  Once you have obtained this information, you can send your connections an email to try and get your application noticed by the hiring manager.

Finding a Job using facebook

Let’s suppose you want to get a crew job at McDonald’s.  Odds are, it is a manager who will hire you.  Look at the McDonald’s website and research the titles of management positions. Some examples that come up are shift manager, assistant manager, and manager.  Next, go to facebook and type in “Shift Manager at McDonald’s”

How facebook can land you a summer job

How facebook can land you a summer job

Above are the results I got when searching for shift managers.  If one of your friends is a shift manager, you can email them directly and inquire about the job.  If you share a mutual connection, ask your friend if he or she would email the McDonald’s shift manager on your behalf to draw attention to your application.

In the example above, I didn’t have any friends who work at McDonald’s.  But suppose I found the shift manager at the McDonald’s that I want to apply to.  You may be able to check out his or her profile and find any common interests you have with that manager.  Take note of these common interests in case you get an interview.  You can mention these interests during the interview, as it will help create rapport.   Remember, though, don’t tell the interviewer you were looking at their facebook profile, as you may come off as creepy.

Facebook search also gives users advanced search options such as current city, hometown, and school.  One of my favorite features is being able to search work history.  For example, I will get a list of people who used to work at McDonald’s in 2012 if I search,  “People who worked at McDonald’s in 2012”.  Remember just because they don’t work there now, doesn’t mean they don’t know someone who can hire you.

Of course, there are many other companies that hire youth.  Below are key phrases to try with other companies.

  • “People who worked at KFC in Toronto, Ontario this year”
  • “People who worked at Walmart in 2012″
  • “My friends who worked at Subway”.
  • “Pizza Hut employees who go to New York University”.
  • “People I may know who worked at Starbucks”.
  • “Friends of my friends who worked at Costco”.

Hopefully, you know have a better understanding of the power of facebook search and how you can use it to find yourself a job.  Remember, as easy as it is for you to check out potential hiring managers, they too can search your profile, so be sure to keep your social profile clean.


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