Ikea Interview

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IKEA Interview Questions

IKEA Interview Questions

Congratulations on getting an Ikea Interview.

We all know interviews are stressful and competition is intense.

However, with a small bit of preparation, you can ace the Ikea Job Interview.

Here you will find how to successfully answer frequently asked Ikea Interview Questions.

Ikea Interview Questions

1) What can you tell us about Ikea?

  • They are a Swedish company.
  • They were founded in 1943
  • The founder began by selling useful items on his bicycle.
  • They have over 320 stores around the world.
  • Ikea supports the Ikea Foundation.  The foundation invests a lot of time, money, and energy to helping children around the world.
  • Customers are able to save time by shopping online.
  • Customers can also look up a product online and find out if the product is available or in-stock at their local Ikea.
  • Ikea has a restaurant in all their stores.

2) Why do you want to work at Ikea?

  • Mention you like their products, the service, and the exceptional value you get at Ikea and because of all this, you would be proud to work for them.
  • State you like how the customer is not subjected to high-pressure sales tactics.

3) Why should I hire you?

Ikea Job Interview Cartoon

Ikea Job Interview Cartoon

  • Let the interviewer know if you have a passion for interior design.
  • Mention that you have great communication skills and enjoy working with customers.

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • If you are interested in a career in interior design mention that.
  • I recommend you look at their career website and find a position you can see yourself doing in 5 years.

5) How would you deal with an upset customer? 

  • If the customer was unhappy with the product I would see if they can return it.   Tip – Check the Ikea’s Return Policy as it may help you answer this question.
  • If the customer was unhappy because they could not find an item I would find it for them and not just point them in a general direction.

6) What hours can you work?

  • Find the shop that you are applying to and look at the hours of operations for that particular department store.  Try and be as flexible as you can and work those hours.

7) How do you define exceptional customer service at Ikea?

  • The lineups move efficiently, the correct price is applied to the product, and the customer is greeted in a friendly manner.
  • If the customer orders delivery, the product is delivered on time.
  • If it is within the Ikea policy and someone needed assistance bringing the merchandise to their car I would offer to help or find someone who can.
  • The store is clean both inside and outside (parking lot).

8) What is your greatest strength? 

There are plenty of great answers for this question.  Here are some potential answers

  • I am a great team player.
  • I have excellent communication skills.
  • I have great attention to detail.

9) What is your greatest weakness? 

You want to answer this question in a way your greatest weakness does not cost you the job at Ikea.  Say something like

  • When I get caught up in my work I don’t take enough time for myself.
  • I work too much and don’t take enough time for my friends and family.

10) Questions to ask on an Ikea Interview?

  • What training will I receive?
  • What are characteristics of your top performing employees?
  • What do you like best about working here?

Ikea Interview Dress Code?

  • Ikea employees dress casually so you want to dress one step above the position you are applying for.  If you are applying for a job in one of the big box retailers it is recommended you dress business casual.

Ikea Interview Tips

  • Don’t speak to fast as you will sound nervous.
  • Don’t speak to slow as you will sound dull.
  • Try to make good eye contact throughout the interview and have good posture.
  • As mentioned above learn the return policy


Have you had success answering Ikea Job Interview Questions in the past?  Share your success or any suggestions you have.

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