Interview Tips

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Be sure to follow these seven interview tips and greatly improve your chances at landing the job.

Job Interview Preparation

Interview Tips

Interview Tips

1) What to wear

  • You should always dress better than the interviewer. If you expect the interviewer to be in a tie wear a suit. If you are applying for a position that handles food make sure you are clean shaven and if you have long hair make sure it is pulled back.

2) Good eye contact

  • Good eye contact is vital as it shows you are confident and are telling the truth. If you have difficulty making good eye contact look at their forehead.

3) Have good body posture

  • There is nothing worse than slouching during an interview. If you slouch it looks like you are not interested. Good posture will also prevent you from mumbling.

4) Speech

  • Try not to speak too quickly or slowly during the interview. Speaking too quickly will make you sound nervous and speaking too slowly will make you sound boring. If possible, try and practice out loud the night before.
Interview Tip Cheat Sheet

Interview Tip Cheat Sheet

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5) Arrive 10 minutes early

  • Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to your interview.  There is nothing worse than arriving late to the interview.  If you arrive late, you will more than likely arrive late during your shift so why should they hire you?   Remember not to arrive too early as you will seem nervous and even lack confidence.  In 10 Common Sense Interview Tips Too Many People Flub, they point out that arriving too early will make you more nervous and make the interviewer feel rushed.

6) What to bring

  • Bring a pen and paper to write, and bring an extra copy of your resume.  I have done lots of interviews myself and it is always nice to see someone come prepared. Often times the interviewer is busy and will forget to bring a copy of your resume.

7) Salary

  • Have an idea of what salary you are looking for.  There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you if you are asking too much or not enough.
  • If you are unemployed and worried about asking for too little then ask what the salary range is.

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