Monster vs CareerBuilder

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Monster vs Careerbuilder

Monster vs Careerbuilder

I have been curious what is the best website for finding jobs. Two websites that always stick out in my mind are and So I went onto some social media sites and tried my best to do keyword research on what type of jobs people are looking for and this is what I found:

“I need a job in Publishing”
“I need a job in “Web development”
“I need a job in a Library”

I decided to see who has the most jobs out of the sample I took. So the rules are the posts can only be a week old within a five mile radius of a city. Below are my results:

Keyword: Publishing

Region Job Type Monster Career Builder
Seattle, WA Publishing 29 Jobs 13 Jobs
Los Angeles, CA Publishing 46 Jobs 16 Jobs
Minneapolis, MN Publishing 42 Jobs 10 Jobs
Dallas, TX Publishing 32 Jobs 19 Jobs
New York, NY Publishing 165 Jobs 69 Jobs
Miami, FL Publishing 21 Jobs 14 Jobs

My criticism of is a large percentage jobs are from which I would not consider a high paying job. But I guess it is fair to say a job from is a job nevertheless.

Keyword: Web developer

Region Job Type Monster Career Builder
Seattle, WA Web Development 51 Jobs 106 Jobs
Los Angeles, CA Web Development 111 Jobs 68 Jobs
Minneapolis, MN Web Development 32 Jobs 34 Jobs
Dallas, TX Web Development 75 Jobs 77 Jobs
New York, NY Web Development 206 Jobs 242 Jobs
Miami, FL Web Development 15 Jobs 22 Jobs

My criticism is a large portion of jobs come from I would recommend searching about and see for yourself if you want to work for them.

Keyword: Librarian

City Job Type Monster Career Builder
Seattle, WA Librarian 0 1
Los Angeles, CA Librarian 0 2
Minneapolis, MN Librarian 0 2
Dallas, TX Librarian 0 0
New York, NY Librarian 8 1
Miami, FL Librarian 1 0

I liked the search functionality better on I found Monsters ads tended to dominate the site. I found the search results pretty much the same. But my biggest concern with all the sites out there is the quality of jobs. Google recently tweaked their search engine to reduce webspam. I recommend these sites filter their jobs to promote good reputable companies with quality jobs.
So who is the better side? Neither. I conclude they are both great sites but both need work to improve the quality of jobs they post. In fairness there is a lot of great jobs in both.

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