How to use Facebook to Find a Job

How to land that Summer Job using facebook

How to land that Summer Job using facebook

Summer is coming up and you need to find a job, and fast. You have applied everywhere with no luck.

You may be surprised to learn that facebook is an excellent tool to help land you a summer job. With unflattering photos and negative comments, you may have posted, most of us think facebook and employment don’t mix.  The reality is facebook is a great tool to find you work.

While Google remains king of search, facebook search is definitely underrated. By using facebook search, you can see if you know anyone who works at a particular company.  You can also search and see if you have any mutual friends who work at that company.  Once you have obtained this information, you can send your connections an email to try and get your application noticed by the hiring manager. Continue reading

Finding a Job Using Yelp

How to Find and Land a Job Using Yelp

How to Find and Land a Job Using Yelp

We all hear about how LinkedIn or Facebook can help you land the job, but what about using Yelp? Yelp can be a great tool to help you find work, research the company, and prep you for the interview.

For those of you who don’t know, Yelp is a social networking site designed to review local businesses in your area. For example, suppose you want to go out for dinner, and you want to know what people are saying about that new restaurant down the street. Users can log in, and post reviews of the restaurant for all to see. Based on the reviews posted by others, you can decide if you want to go there or not. Any company can be reviewed by former customers on Yelp.

Step 1 Find Work in Your Area

I myself live in a big city and commuting is one if my biggest issues. Yelp will show you all the businesses in a given area. With Yelp, you can build a list of companies you want to apply to that are close to where you live.  You can do this using Yelp’s “Nearby” feature on your smartphone. Continue reading

How Google+ Can Help Your Job Search

How Google+ Can Help You Land Your Next Job

How Google+ Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Like others, when Google+ first arrived, I signed up, tried it out, and never logged in again.

Several months went by, and I read that Google+ has more users than Twitter. I didn’t think that could be possible, I reasoned that this is probably due to the fact that many people have Gmail accounts, and as a consequence, a social profile was automatically created.

I recently downloaded the Google+ Android App and had a second look. I was presently surprised with the quality of content I was presented with.

Now, you may already be asking yourself why do I need another social networking account since I am already on Linkedin and Facebook? I would still encourage you to use LinkedIn and Facebook but let us not forget who dominates internet search.  One can only assume Google will, and has already, started integrating their Google+ results into their search.

Why was Google+ created?

Facebook, and Twitter, among others, are social networking sites that have great content. The problem is, that they are closed communities, where search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo cannot crawl them.  At one point, Google integrated Twitter in their search results, but that relationship has since ended.  Consequently, search engines are having issues bringing real-time search into your results.

For instance, at a major sporting event, Google cannot report fans opinions in real time. They can only report after a popular sports website publishes their results first, and then Google’s search engine has the task of finding and creating a link to it.  Yet, with Twitter or Facebook, you can see what people are saying in real time.
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