Pizza Hut Interview Questions

Congratulations on getting an interview.  Below you will see frequently asked Pizza Hut Interview Questions. Pizza Hut has positions for team members (greeters who greet guests at the door), delivery drivers, and servers.  If you are wondering how to dress for the Pizza Hut interview you should dress a little better than what the staff is wearing.  Remember you are going to be serving food so you want to appear as clean cut as possible. Continue reading

lululemon Interview Questions

lululemon Interview Questions

Lululemon Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself?

  • Mention you hobbies and interests as well as your education. If one of your interests is yoga tell them. Yoga is a key element in their business.

What can you tell us about Lululemon?

  • The founder  is Chip Wilson.
  • The CEO is Christine Day
  • The headquarters are in Vancouver Canada.
  • There are stores in Canada, USA. New Zealand, and Australia. Continue reading