ATR Aer Arann Interview Questions

Aer Arann Interview Questions

Aer Arann Interview Questions

  • Tell me about the ACW system and how is it powered?
  • What are the memoryitems for the EFATO on the ATR?
  • What instruments do you look at on an EFATO?
  • How many levels of anti/deicing are there and describe each one?
  • Where are the boots located on the ATR?
  • What is the difference between the ATR 300 and 320?
  • What do you know of the new 600 coming out?
  • Tell me about the American Eagle crash in Chicago?
  • What design modification did ATR bring out after that accident?
  • Did they modify any aircraft already built and if so what did they do?
  • Have you heard of the term ‘approach ban’ and if so what is it?
  • What are super cooled water droplets?
  • What aviation related topics are you presently interested in?
  • Do you prefer Boeing or Airbus and why?
  • How many hours do you have?
  • Tell us about your flight training to date?
  • What was a particular high point for you during your flight training?

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GetHired Review

I recently discovered the site  I figured the Internet has enough job websites out there so is there really a need for another?  But points out some of the flaws in the hiring process and makes one search for the right candidate much more interesting.  With the job seeker and employer can use video or audio to make the hiring process more personal.

GetHired Review

GetHired Review

From Job Seeker Perspective

From the job seeker side boasts the following:

  • Track status for each job you have applied for.
  • Alert you with appropriate jobs you are qualified for
  • See which employers have reviewed your profile
  • Track how many times your profile has been viewed.
  • Schedule interviews through their video conferencing system.

I would like to mention I love how easy the registration process is.  I uploaded my resume quickly and accurately from a word document.  There was no hours of form filling.  But I submitted my resume almost a week ago and my account is still under review.   I would like to add the site needs more jobs.  When I searched my city nothing came up (I live in a large city) but hopefully that will change as the sites grows in popularity.  I also didn’t like the fact that when I signed up for the site I had to share it on facebook, or on twitter, or via email to get the “who’s viewed me” activated.  I really don’t want to spam my friends.  But at least the “who’s viewed me feature” is free, unlike

From an Employer Perspective

For the employers GetHired boasts:

  • Employers can pre-screen candidates using video and voice
  • Automatically schedule interviews online
  • Search video resumes that are ready for an interview right now
  • When posting a job on multiple websites, creates a link back to their sites where users can apply.

I think from an employer perspective this site is great.  What makes it great is employers ability to post interview questions online and have the applicant respond in a video or audio interview.  Everybody knows how important first impressions are and people can decide if the applicant is worthwhile for a person-to-person interview.    I remember when I was a coop student and a hiring manager asked me, “What is the most important skill you can have at work”.  I answered incorrectly and the answer he was looking for was communication skills.   When using the employer can definitely get an idea of how good the applicant’s communication skills are.


In conclusion, I really like this site.  Personally, I hate writing cover letters because I think no one will read it.  Making a video cover letter is much more personal.  We all know that first impression is everything.   If the job seeker makes a good first impression they will increase their change for a person to person interview.

Monster vs CareerBuilder

Monster vs Careerbuilder

Monster vs Careerbuilder

I have been curious what is the best website for finding jobs. Two websites that always stick out in my mind are and So I went onto some social media sites and tried my best to do keyword research on what type of jobs people are looking for and this is what I found:

“I need a job in Publishing”
“I need a job in “Web development”
“I need a job in a Library”

I decided to see who has the most jobs out of the sample I took. So the rules are the posts can only be a week old within a five mile radius of a city. Below are my results:

Keyword: Publishing

Region Job Type Monster Career Builder
Seattle, WA Publishing 29 Jobs 13 Jobs
Los Angeles, CA Publishing 46 Jobs 16 Jobs
Minneapolis, MN Publishing 42 Jobs 10 Jobs
Dallas, TX Publishing 32 Jobs 19 Jobs
New York, NY Publishing 165 Jobs 69 Jobs
Miami, FL Publishing 21 Jobs 14 Jobs

My criticism of is a large percentage jobs are from which I would not consider a high paying job. But I guess it is fair to say a job from is a job nevertheless.

Keyword: Web developer

Region Job Type Monster Career Builder
Seattle, WA Web Development 51 Jobs 106 Jobs
Los Angeles, CA Web Development 111 Jobs 68 Jobs
Minneapolis, MN Web Development 32 Jobs 34 Jobs
Dallas, TX Web Development 75 Jobs 77 Jobs
New York, NY Web Development 206 Jobs 242 Jobs
Miami, FL Web Development 15 Jobs 22 Jobs

My criticism is a large portion of jobs come from I would recommend searching about and see for yourself if you want to work for them.

Keyword: Librarian

City Job Type Monster Career Builder
Seattle, WA Librarian 0 1
Los Angeles, CA Librarian 0 2
Minneapolis, MN Librarian 0 2
Dallas, TX Librarian 0 0
New York, NY Librarian 8 1
Miami, FL Librarian 1 0

I liked the search functionality better on I found Monsters ads tended to dominate the site. I found the search results pretty much the same. But my biggest concern with all the sites out there is the quality of jobs. Google recently tweaked their search engine to reduce webspam. I recommend these sites filter their jobs to promote good reputable companies with quality jobs.
So who is the better side? Neither. I conclude they are both great sites but both need work to improve the quality of jobs they post. In fairness there is a lot of great jobs in both.