PF Chang’s Interview Questions

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PF Chang's Interview Questions

PF Chang’s Interview Questions

Great work on getting an interview at PF Chang’s.  Here you will find frequently asked interview questions and answers at PF Chang’s Restaurant.

Interview Questions at PF Chang’s

Tell us about yourself?

  • Talk about your hobbies, previous work experience, and education. Keep your explanation brief and to the point.

What can you tell us about P.F. Changs?

  • P.F. Chang’s  headquarters are located in Scottsdale Arizona.
  • The founders are Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang. Both of their names were incorporated into the names.
  • P.F. Chang’s offers glutted free food.

Why do you want to work for P.F Chang’s?

  • State you love the product and service you get at P.F. Chang’s and because of this, you would be happy to represent them.
  • This is your chance to flatter them, so why not find positive reviews on yelp and facebook and bring it to their attention as one of the many reasons you want to work there.

What is your greatest strength?

  • I am a quick learner (this is a great answer because they will have to spend less time training you)
  • I work well under pressure (this is a great answer because all restaurants have their rush hour and you need to stay focused during this time)

What is your greatest weakness?

  • I am a workaholic and I neglect my friends and family or when I get caught up in my work I don’t take enough personal time for myself.

How would you deal with an upset customer?

  • I would find out what is wrong with the customer. If it was the product I would offer to replace it (mention you would check with your manager first) it is important to keep the customer happy as an unhappy customer will never return.
  • This is an example of a situational interview question and you need to review and prep for these kinds of question on your interview

Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • If going to college or university state what you would like to be doing after you finish.
  • If you would like to stay at P.F. Chang’s state you would like a career in restaurant management.

Why should I hire you?

  • I work hard, I am a quick learner, and I am punctual.

Do you have any questions for us?

  • If offered the position is there any take home material I can read?
  • What type of advancement can your top employees receive?

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