Starbucks Interview

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Starbucks Interview Questions

Starbucks Interview Questions

Congratulations on getting a Starbucks Interview.

We can all agree that interviews are stressful and that competition is fierce.

However, with a little preparation, you can ace the interview at Starbucks!

Here we will discuss how to successfully answer Starbucks Interview Questions.

Starbucks Job Interview

Starbucks Interview Prep

Before we begin lets first learn as much as we can about Starbucks

Now that you know a little about Starbucks take the quiz and see how you do!

Starbucks Interview Questions

Tell us a little about yourself and your previous work history?

Here’s the deal! 

This is not the time to tell your life story.

In fact, this is one of the best opportunities during the interview to explain to the interviewer why you are the best person for the job!

  • Tell the interviewer about how your past and present work experience relates to the position you are interviewing for.
  • Valuable past and present work experience could include working with customers, using a point-of-sale system, or any restaurant experience.

What do you know about Starbucks?

Now, after taking the Starbucks interview prep quiz, you should be prepared to answer this question.

About Starbucks

  • Starbucks was started in Seattle in 1971.
  • Starbucks is famous for selling high-quality coffee, tea, espresso, frappuccino, smoothies and an array of food items.
  • They acquired Seattle Best Coffee 2003.
  • They launched instant coffee VIA in 2009.
  • There is a loyalty program called My Starbucks Reward card for their frequent customers. With this card, loyal customers can get free drinks, food, etc.
  • Their mission statement is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

    Starbucks Cheat Sheet

    Starbucks Cheat Sheet

Why do you want to work at Starbucks?

  • I enjoy the product and the service I get at Starbucks, and because of this, I would be happy to represent them.
  • I also feel the company truly cares about their employees, as they offer benefits (health, 401, Stock) to staff who work more than twenty hours per week. Caring about their employees in this way results in why I get great customer service from Starbucks. Employees do their best work when they feel valued.

What is your greatest strength?

  • I am a quick learner (this is a great answer because they will have to spend less time training you) or…
  • I work well under pressure (this is a great answer because they will have their rush hour and you need to stay focused during this time)

How would you deal with an upset customer?

  • I would find out why the customer is upset. If it was the product, I would offer to replace it (mention you would check with your manager first). It is important to keep the customer happy as an unhappy customer will never return.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • If you are attending college or university, state what you would like to be doing after you finish.
  • Have a look at other Starbucks jobs and find a career you can see yourself in five years. This way you will not sound like a “job hopper”.

Why should I hire you?

No Starbucks Interview Questions list would be complete without this question. Here are some great ways to answer it!

  • I recommend having a second look at the job description.  If they want someone who is good with people then say you have great communication skills.
  • If they want someone who can work well in a team, then mention you work well in a team.

Questions to ask in a Starbucks interview?

  • What are some characteristics of your best employees?
  • What type of advancement can your top employees receive?
  • What do you like best about working here?

Starbucks Interview Tips

  • In regards to providing you interview tips, I can’t advise you better than the Starbucks Interview and Resume Tips page.  It does recommend you read the book Onward.  In 2008, they took a turn for the worse and began to expand too quickly, losing site about what they were about. The stock began to tumble.  The mission statement was rewritten to focus on the customer and the coffee.
  • In the book, Onward the CEO talks about when he was at a coffee shop in Italy and the person pouring the coffee knew everybody’s name.  He wanted to recreate that experience in Starbucks today.  During your Starbucks Interview be sure to talk about the excellent customer service you receive during your visits, and how it felt like you had a personal connection with the barista.
  • The book also discusses how in 2008 the smell of burning cheese (not coffee) dominate the cafe.   This was due to their cheese sandwiches and melting cheese dripping on the grill (a problem that no longer exists).  During your Starbucks Interview Questions be sure you mention how you love walking into a Starbucks and smelling the aroma of high-quality coffee.

Starbucks Interview Outfit

  • If you are on a Starbucks Barista Interview then dress business casually or better.
  • If you are on a Starbucks Manager Interview then dress formally.

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