Interview Checklist

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The Interview Checklist

The Interview Check List

Prepping what to say the night before is not the only thing you can do before an interview.

Before any interview, you will want to do the following items on this interview checklist.

Here you will find an interview checklist.

Interview Checklist (8 Tips)

1) Bring a pen.

  • I know this sounds obvious but think of all the times you needed a pen and didn’t have one.  You may need to write down some contact information at the end of the interview and you will look unprepared if you ask the interviewer for a pen.

2) Know Where You Want to Be in Five Years

  • We all need career goals.  If you don’t have a career goal you will sound unambitious.
  • If you don’t have a five-year career plan, then browse jobs on popular employment websites and find a something you would love to do in five years.

2) Bring three copies of your résumé.

  • Eventually, they will want to go through your previous work experience.  The interviewer may or may not have a copy of your résumé printed out so why not bring a copy of your résumé.

3) Pick out what clothes to wear.

  • If possible, check out what clothes your potential coworkers are wearing and dress a step above them.  Again do this the night before so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute. You should always dress formally for the interview.

4) Do research on the company.

  • Make sure you use the companies actual website.  Wikipedia is a good source but that can have outdated facts about the company you are interviewing for.

5) Get a good night sleep.

  • Stay away from alcohol and don’t exercise too late at night.  Try and reduce any caffeine intake also.

6) Research Salary Information

  • Do a search on the internet for salary ranges in your field.  If the job pays minimum wage you really are not in a position to negotiate.

7) Turn off your Smartphone

  • Imagine being on an interview and your smartphone goes off. Do yourself a favor and turn off your cell phone.

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