The Top 7 Employment Websites

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When using the internet to search for a job one can be overwhelmed with employment websites. So here is the 7 Top Employment Websites.

Best Employment Websites



SimplyHired is simply the best website out there. The reason I rank better than all others sites is because of its powerful aggregate search results (searches various websites) combined with LinkedIn’s ability to match the company you found on with your LinkedIn connections.

Pros: Integration with, a large volume of companies it crawls, and hardly any annoying ads.

Cons: They scrape from other job websites which I suspect will lead to duplicate postings on




I view as the only really good social media employment website out there. I have tried Monsters BeKnown and Branchout (social media websites integrated with facebook) but the problem is all my friends of facebook view my invitation to these site as spam.

For those who don’t know, is a way to build your professional network. Basically, you add co-workers as connections like you add friends on facebook. If you are applying for a job at a company you can search your connections and see who you know or who you are connected to as a way to get your foot in the door.

Pros: More people use linkedIn than any other professional social media site.

Cons: They don’t have enough jobs.



Indeed is ranked as the world’s most popular website for job search. This is for good reason too. I love indeed and have nothing but praise for the site. I used to rank number #1 but they do not integrate their site with (see SimplyHired).

Pros: Massive amount of jobs to choose from.

Cons: They scrape from other job websites which I suspect will lead to duplicate postings on The also need to integrate with or


For the people who are looking for work without a fancy degree or for a second job to make a little extra income I recommend It is free to post a job and that is great news for small businesses who want to hire people.

Pros: It cost a fortune to post a job on Monster or CareerBuilder and not all companies can afford to post jobs on these sites. Since is free to post I think it is an ideal place to find entry level jobs.

Cons: The fact that it is free to post anything does not mean you should take the job. Always use caution when applying for a job on

5# and

Monster and Careerbuilder

Monster and Careerbuilder

Probably the best-known search engine in the world is or Because these sites are the best-known search engine in the world my believe it is this is the best place to post your resume and let recruiters find you.

Pros: I love the fact that gives you the ability to search jobs that display pay. I also think this is probably the best place to get your resume noticed.

Cons: Google recently tweaked their search engine to reduce web spam. I recommend these sites filter their jobs to promote good reputable companies with quality jobs. I found jobs from and (both sites don’t seem to have a good reputation on the web).


RateMyEmployer is not a job website it is a place to rate your employer. Even though it is not a job search engine I do believe that one should use this site to review companies they are applying for. It is the employees and former employees of the company that re telling you if it is a good or bad place to work. But also don’t judge a company on one or two reviews. I would only consider a review if the company had several reviews. also has a best-rated section which to me sounds like a top employer list by the people.

Pros: A great way to find out if the company is a happy place to work.

Cons: Need a large volume of reviews to consider if it is indeed a good place to work.

7# is where the US government posts all their jobs. The one thing I like about is they have a lot of jobs and they all post their salary range. Nobody wants to get nickel and dimed on their job so I love the fact that USAJobs posts their salary range.

Pros: A lot of jobs, and no advertising.

Cons: None really to report. Just remember all the jobs are the federal government so make sure that is the type of job you are after.

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