Top Employment Websites in Canada

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With so many employment sites to choose from you can become overwhelmed in your job search. Today the web offers much more than job search functionality. It offers tools to help you with the whole employment life cycle which includes: how to network, where to look for employment, employee reviews, salary info, and interview questions. When considering which site to use,  consider what stage you are at in the employment life cycle and use these sites to your advantage.

Canadian Top Employment Websites

Top Employment Websites

Top Employment Websites

How to Network The first step in your job search is to get your name out there. There are many places to post your resume but in Canada three stand out which are:,, and Recruiters actively search LinkedIn for potential candidates to hire so I would start here. Creating your profile on LinkedIn is easy. After you create your profile start making professional connections with past and present co-workers. Many argue that LinkedIn is not an employment search engine but a place to network. You can network by participating in group discussions. Suppose you were passionate about marketing. You can make connections in the marketing industry and, perhaps, land yourself a job. My personal favourite feature on LinkedIn allows you to find people you know at the company you’ve applied to. If you know someone who knows someone else at the company you just applied to, you can get your resume “out of the pile” of other resumes and get the attention of a hiring manager. For example, if I want to work at company XYZ and I know Jason who knows Simon who works at company XYZ. I can then email Jason to email Simon and see if he can recommend my CV to the hiring manager.  Simon may even get a referral bonus. and are very similar in my opinion.  Both have plenty of jobs to apply to, but I worry about the fact that one hundred other people are applying for that same job. Competition on these sites is intense. On a positive note, many recruiters still use monster and Workopolis to recruit, so I recommend posting your resume on these sites and let hiring managers find you. TIP: I have talked to many recruiters about searching resumes and they all say resumes online are outdated with people not really looking for work. Be sure to update your resume frequently as recruiters can see the last time your profile was updated.

Where to look for employment is an aggregate search engine. Aggregate search engines crawl other companies websites, look for jobs, and put those jobs into their own search engine. The main reason I like is not because of their search (although they do have a good one) but the fact that they regularly publish a Canadian Top Employers List. I recommend reviewing top employers and finding companies that you believe you are a good fit for. Make a list of those companies and actively search those companies websites directly for jobs they post on their website. Remember it is expensive to post careers on sites like Monster, or Workopolis so often companies only post jobs that are difficult to fill on well-known job sites. By actively searching other companies websites you will eventually find a job you are fit for with fewer applicants. & are fantastic aggregate search engines. They will find you the job that no other site can find. Now, remember those connections you built with LinkedIn? SimplyHired offers users the ability to login to LinkedIn while remaining on SimplyHired search in order to see who you know at the company you want to work for. This way you can ask your contacts to get your resume the attention of the hiring manager.  It is too bad that SimplyHired still has their annoying pop box to get your email … but other than that, it is a spectacular site. If you are looking for your first job or are looking for part time work I recommend or  Small businesses need employees and use and because it is free to post a job.

Employee Reviews Many of you are considering a career change.  But there is no point in leaving one bad company for another. and offer a plethora of employee testimonials.  Now, I will admit, most people who submit these reviews are disgruntled employees but there is still valuable information you can find by consulting these reviews.  I encourage people to write honest reviews of their employer, as you are making a better workforce for all. Employee retention is another way to see if a company is a good place to work. Suppose I wanted to find out if employees enjoyed working at company XYZ. I would simply login into LinkedIn and search by company and select company XYZ. I would be presented with current employees who currently work there but also employees who used to work there. From here I can find out how long employees actually stay at a particular company. If employees tend to stay there for more than a few years, it is more than likely a good place to work. If your average employee stays for six months, it is probably not the best place to work.

Salary Info No one likes to be underpaid but if you ask for a low salary you just might get it. On the other hand, if you ask for too much you may not jet the job. One of the reasons I like is because they display salary on their job descriptions more than any other site. Simply type in your job title and calculate the average salary. also offers great salary info and should be reviewed during salary negotiations as well. TIP: If you are unemployed and are more interested in getting a job than negotiating a high salary, simply flip the question and ask the hiring manager what the salary range is?  Then state the high side of the range.

Preparing for the interview So you have sent in your resume, got a call, and now you need to prepare for the interview. For this part of the employment process, I recommend This site is heavily integrated with Facebook and collects vasts amounts of information on where you work. They then email users to collect data on the questions they were asked during the interview. I also spend a lot of time writing potential interview questions for  The site is great for first-time interviewees or teens looking for their first job.

Conclusion As you can see, searching for a job online today is a lot more resourceful than it was in the past. If you have other sites you would like to suggest I would love to hear from you.

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